Redi-Rock® Retaining Walls

Redi-Rock® is a complete wall solution that uses giant concrete blocks that stack up like Legos to create strong, great-looking walls. When you dig into the details though, it’s so much more…

Redi-Rock Retaining WallsRedi-Rock blocks are designed to make your project look great. That’s because each block is formed using architectural-grade precast concrete made to look like natural stone! Click the blocks below to see what textures are available. Signature Stone will be able to help you choose the best texture and color option for your area. Redi-Rock blocks stack up using a knob-and-groove design and are installed using an excavator and a small crew. The massive size of each block translates into saved time on installation.

Who else is using Redi-Rock?

You’ll find Redi-Rock walls at hospitals, schools, shopping centers, sports complexes, neighborhood storm corridors, marinas, and tons of other locations.

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