Concrete Fencing

Concrete Fence in Colorado - Great for HOAs!

We offer a stylish, long-lasting alternative to high maintenance products. Signature Concrete Rail Fencing and Signature Ledgestone Privacy Fences offer all the warmth and style of natural products with the added benefit of a sturdy maintenance-free solution. Signature Stone manufactures a unique style of fence that can be made to look like natural stone or rugged split rail fences available in 2, 3 or 4 rail styles. Signature Stone has a fence product that will meet and exceed your needs.

Long-lasting Design Benefits

Concrete Fencing in Colorado
Outlasts brick, wood, and any other type of fence or wall

Signature Stone Concrete Fencing is manufactured using American sourced steel rebar, and high-quality air entrained concrete for outstanding durability and resistance to hail, weed trimmer strikes, it is impervious to rot and bugs including termites. Signature Concrete Fence utilizes integral colored concrete which means that the color is evenly mixed throughout the concrete giving you the ultimate in fade and chip resistance.

Signature Concrete Fence is designed to withstand decades of exposure with zero maintenance.

Concrete split rail fences are safe from horse chewing; are fireproof, fade and termite resistant; will not rot, wrap or splinter; and are weed trimmer friendly.

Concrete privacy fences make great looking and effective sound barriers; do not require a costly, continuous foundation; install quickly with minimal impact to existing landscaping; are durable and long lasting; and in the rare event of damage, blocks or panels can be easily replaced. The wide range of colors and two-sided natural textures are sure to fit well in any neighborhood.

The distinctive design and character of our fences will enhance any project and strengthen its reputation.

The Value of Concrete Fence for Home Owners Associations

Precast concrete fence provides the best balance between the strength, durability, and low cost maintenance, while maintaining the flexibility of a wood fence. Over time concrete fencing will save your HOA tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance and upkeep costs without any of the other drawbacks of stone walls. Whereas other fencing solutions need to be re-stained, repaired and replaced in as few as 5 years, our fencing solutions endure beautifully for decades. Additionally, Signature Stone precast concrete fencing solutions provide superior protection for homeowners against wind and noise. Our molding systems can duplicate the colors and textures of stone to create a natural look and feel that architects, engineers and contractors prefer. Whether you need a 16-foot wall to screen your substation from nearby residents or a 6-foot wall to give your estate privacy and seclusion, Signature Stone can custom-design fencing solutions to your exact specifications.

Benefits of Signature Stone fencing for HOAs in Colorado include:

  • Creative and beautiful designs
  • Engineered to withstand winds of over 140mph
  • Built to outlast wood, brick, and any other type of fence or wall
  • Integrally colored options to match natural appearances
  • Beautiful and distinct with many colors and textures available
  • Little maintenance, saving thousands of dollars over decades
  • Reduces street and other noise for residents

Multiple Options Available in Color and Texture

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