Maintaining Signature Stone Products

Signature Stone manufactures stone veneer and accessories, concrete fence and Redi Rock retaining wall blocks.  All are practically maintenance free.  Here are some tips on how to keep your concrete products looking new:


Sealers are not necessary in most applications but can be effective in more severe conditions.  Any water-based Siloxane formula sealer can be used according to manufactures direction to provide extra protection against water penetration to the stone as well as the grout.  In most cases sealers make the surfaces easier to clean when dirty.


Efflorescence is a naturally occurring process with masonry products where salts migrate through the product as a result of moisture and are deposited on the surface as moisture evaporates.  It will disappear naturally over time as long as the source of moisture is controlled or eliminated.  Efflorescence can be removed with a mixture of one part vinegar and four parts water.  Scrub with a soft bristle brush if needed and rinse with clean water.  Do not use wire brushes, acid cleaners or high power pressure washers.

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